October 14, 2007

Keeping websites fresh!

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Change is good. Web viewers want and expect a positive experience when they land on your website. Fast loading pages, easy and organized navigation, fresh news and content, and valid and useful information. Providing users with a reason to come back to your website is just good marketing! Simply put, if you went to the store to buy your favorite monthly magazine, or turned on your favotitr TV show and there was nothin new, would you  continue to try it again? No, of cousre not. Well it’s the same with your website presentation. Keep it fresh, make sure it’s well done and your viewers will come back for more and stay around longer.

Unique Madness is getting ready for a whole new look! I’ll keep you posted!  🙂


SEO & New Web Designs

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Search engine optimization is a continual and ongoing process. Reseach, analyze, reseach some more! We have been busy optimizing Unique Madness for our target market. The SEO results are coming along nicely… but there is always room for improvement.

When optimizing for a new web design one has to pay close attention as to not disturb the current web rankings too much. Careful concideration and anylization of what is working and what needs to be re-worked. I enjoy this process very much. Anticipating rersults and rewards is rather like a fun, but serious game to me. I guess I am a “natural” researcher. I like to come out on top, and for the client to WIN when Ido their website SEO and marketing campaign!

February 10, 2007

Sarasota Website Design

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The current project is going great, I got allot done tonight. Some of things were a Google mapping system that will display all the listings they have. I also completed all the programming for the website tonight. All that I have to do is tweaking and then we can start adding in the static copy. We added a Real Estate RSS feed to the site which will be informative. Added Palm trees for the markers on the Google mapping system. Set up all the cross links to special properties so they click Island Property and it will query all the listings.

I have to set up all the contact forms in the next following days. The weekend I am going to Cassadaga to relax, but my mind will be on this project. When completed I wonder how well it will rank for the target keyword. It Will be one of the best website designs I have done recently.

February 7, 2007

Greetings World!

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Welcome to Uniquemadness.com. We just finished the new look for our website! We are CSS web designers that build websites with search engine optimization visibility as the focus from moment one. Our goal is to work with our clients as “partners’ to ensure an excellent web marketing presentation.

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